What Is Meant To Be

Since I received five rejection letters, I just about forgot about the sixth school I applied to.  It was as if it never existed and I was already pulling myself out of my emotional sinkhole and didn’t feel like reintroducing the blah feelings again.  So I did the next best thing-avoided. Life was good.

I was at work when I got the email from the sixth school, and I had to go out to the parking lot into my car to read it again.  I couldn’t believe my eyes- I was being offered an interview! I called my parents screaming with excitement! Could this be it?  Only one way to find out!

I responded favorably to the email accepting the offer of an interview.  Date and time was set and I applied to take that day off from work.  I was excited beyond belief.  Just having that interview meant a lot to me, I felt like someone saw and acknowledged all the hard work I did to prepare me to even apply to school. I could not wait for interview day.  I was selective with the persons I decided to confide in about my interview.  I didn’t want over exposure, and besides, if this didn’t go well, I did not want to endure the several questions.

The interview was a successful one as it ended with me being offered the opportunity to become a student in the upcoming cohort! The feeling of relief and accomplishment cannot be described.  I was so proud of myself and ready to begin the process of ensuring that I was admitted into the program.

Upon reflection, I realized that the other five schools would not have given me some of the things I would be offered at the sixth school.  I also realized that where I would be was exactly where I needed to be. All I needed to do was believe.

I will share a few thoughts about the interview process based on my experience and observations:

– please be on time.

– be yourself.

– dress appropriately.  If you are unsure of dress code, then ask a question.

– remember that they obviously saw something in your application that made you stand out. Take pride in that, even if you don’t get accepted after the interview.  Many people do not get an interview!

– be honest, not only with the interview committee but with yourself.

– don’t repeat word for word what is on your application, resume or essay. They already read it! Be creative and think outside of the box.

– be appropriate with your words and demeanor.

– prepare at least one or two questions to ask at the end of the interview. But please don’t ask questions you can go on the website to get the answer to. Carefully thought out questions show interest and your ability to think critically.

– it’s okay to ask them to repeat a question for clarification.

– thank the interview committee at the end of the interview. I believe in living a grateful life.

Click here for a few more interview tips and guidelines.


~”Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. ~ Andre Gide

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