Preparing To Move

Although the process seemed to be taking forever, after having my interview in early February, the time came for me to start making transitions in my personal and professional life.  The reality of my move set in, and with the love and support from family and a few close friends, the process would not feel overwhelming.

I made preparations to resign from my job and did what was necessary to ensure that I left the job with my work completed.  It was a bitter sweet moment for me knowing that I had to leave my job.  I really enjoyed the work I did as a clinician.  I took pride in my work and knew I would miss interacting with the clients, doing group and individual therapy and being around my co-workers.  However, as my dad reminded me ever so gently, in life we have to think of what would benefit us in the long run and not focus to much on short-term gratification.  My mum encouraged me to view the experience as preparation for later years.  Change will always happen in life, it’s the only constant.

Housing arrangements were finalized and I decided to take a mini vacation before starting school.  I enjoyed the comfort of my island and embraced the vacation time as a period of rest, relaxation and restoration.  Much needed before this new chapter in my life begins!


Here are a few things to consider when moving:

* arrange to have your cable disconnected or notify the company that you are moving if you wish to keep their service.

* be sure to schedule disconnection for heat/electric

* if you are changing bank accounts for any reason, be mindful of the automatic withdrawals.

* when moving to a new state, you need to contact your car insurance and the DMV in the new state you will reside.

* reserve a U-Haul or other moving company to assist with your move.

* utilize the USPS postal service boxes to ship items.

* pack a car charger and other chargers for your devices.

In preparation for this move, here are a few things I made note of:

* as best as possible, try to have a timeline for moving.

* it’s okay to ask others to help with the moving process as some things we just cannot do alone

* set target dates for yourself.

* break larger tasks into smaller ones.

* shipping boxes may be a cheaper option than renting a U-Haul (depending on how much you have to ship)

* have directions printed in addition to using a GPS.

* show appreciation to those who are assisting you in your move.  Your life would have been more chaotic without them.

* make a to-do list but be realistic with your expectations for each day.

~“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”~
― Barack Obama

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