Orientation And The Final Move

The days leading up to the scheduled grad school orientation were exciting and overwhelming.  I was in the middle of packing in preparation for moving and still had to focus on getting tasks accomplished.  However, I was able to successfully attend the orientation and was so happy that I did!  A lot of information was shared regarding expectations and requirements.  Also, I met some of the other students in my cohort.

It felt a bit weird being on a campus again in the capacity of a “new student” having been away from that environment for the past 4 1/2 years.  During the orientation, I was able to meet with the cohort, get degree plans signed and begin the discussion of what is expected. It will be an adjustment into this lifestyle, but I know I will be okay and that in the end, it is what my heart desires.  I am a firm believer in the idea that things happen for a reason and in it’s due season.  I am enjoying the opportunities that are presented to me.

After orientation, I returned home to finish packing and finally make my move.  Saying good-bye to the people I care about was very difficult.  I tried to stay overwhelmed so I didn’t have to experience the emotions, but I know that wall will come crashing down very soon.  I pray that I can get through it and stay focused.  The feeling of being disconnected from those I care about is a hard concept for me.  The beautiful part of this is that I know that I am cared for and loved and they are always there to support and encourage me.

So, with one of my best friends and my mom, we packed up my car and began the nearly 22 hour drive!  It was a long drive, lots to see and we enjoyed each other’s company. I received many calls and text messages while on our drive, from loved ones who wanted to check in with us.  We even had a little extra company along for the ride…



When we got to our final destination, I was so tired but relieved that we had an incident/accident free journey!  We caught up on rest and got errands done on campus, including a stop at the university bookstore to pick up the pre-ordered books required for this fall…



Speaking of books, just a few weeks ago while reading an article online I came across an interesting book and decided to get it to see what it was all about.  No regrets about purchasing “How To Get a PhD.” It’s been a helpful and resourceful book and I am sure it will be beneficial during this doctoral program.  I am still reading it, trying to make notes and highlight the important areas.  I guess I am just trying to be as prepared as I can, although I get the feeling that nothing can prepare me better than the experience itself, if that makes sense.  I really don’t know what to expect out of this doctoral program, but I look forward to my first day of class and teaching assistantship experience too!



“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
― Oscar Wilde

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