Having a Routine

The summer session is in full swing and it’s very busy already. I was extra tired at the end of the day and wondered what was happening to my body. I figured it was an adjustment getting back into classes and having extra responsibilities. Then I realized I was completely off my sleep schedule and usual routine, which may have been the reason for my extra tiredness. So I decided to get back on track with my morning and night time routine and it has been helpful.

One thing that I totally slacked off on, and have been trying to work on, is checking my phone as soon as I wake up and being on my phone right before I go to bed. It’s interesting how technology traps you, draws you in, and makes you think you are missing out on so much if you don’t stay active online. What i’m trying to get back to is not being on my phone (unless I get a phone call or urgent text) for at least an hour before I go to bed. Also, on mornings, I want to avoid checking my phone for an hour after I get up. It is really important for me to have time away from technology, and those times, early mornings and late at night, are ideal times to dedicate to my well-being, not technology (unless there is an emergency).

On mornings and at night, I try to dedicate time to reading inspirational material and meditation. I’m still getting my sleep schedule figured out, and hopefully the more consistent I am with my sleep habits, the easier it will be to get back to my routine. My body feels better when I have consistency with sleep.

Having a routine, not just for sleep, is a great way to help with productivity and maintain good wellness practices. As I like to remind myself, if I do not take care of myself, all that I am working hard towards will not be worth it. I want to be around, and in good health, to enjoy my accomplishments.

To help with my routine, I also write a to-do list and try to keep it realistic. Because summer session is usually filled with lots of work to do in a very short space of time, I have to break up my responsibilities so I do not overwhelm myself. I am excited about getting my routine back on track, and looking forward to the benefits that will come along with it.

I will share some important points about having a routine and hope you find these helpful:

Having a routine…

  • is helpful to give you some structure
  • can be adjusted
  • is not intended to make you think you are boxed-in to what is written down
  • is based on your priorities and life goals
  • is not meant to be something that restricts you from living a balanced, healthy life
  • can include wellness and self care practices
  • should be realistic
  • is a good way to practice discipline (eg., if you want to practice meditation daily)
  • is not mandatory: it’s totally up to you!

What does your routine look like?

“If you want to have a strong structure, build the foundations the right way.”
― Eraldo Banovac

3 thoughts on “Having a Routine

  1. I have just decided to ” get my life” together and have a full routine. I agree that social media takes up SO much time during my day its not even funny. Even at work I am all over the place on Facebook mainly and watching youtube videos. But, I have a life coach now and I am actually journaling and using my agendas lol.

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