Whirlwind Wrap Up

img_6412The semester has ended! YAY! I made it out alive, in my right mind, with a few more gray hairs, and few extra pounds. But that’s okay. It really is: I made it! I completed two classes, weekly activity for my dissertation, weekly supervision for my dissertation, three conferences, co-teaching, grading, administrative duties, and five interviews! <insert slow dance move here> So now what?

Well, I am wrapping up data collection. My fabulous participants are in the process of completing assessments and in a couple weeks I will begin official data analysis. Fun stuff! I must say that I had a great time conducting my study (I’ll write more about it soon) and I intend to have fun doing data analysis. Once the data analysis is complete, it’s on to writing up my results. Fortunately for me, what I will defend as my dissertation is a manuscript ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal of my choice. I’m actually planning to write two manuscripts. Do you sense that I am over-achiever-ish? Maybe 🙂

Before the new year begins, I plan to take some days off to do nothing. And by doing nothing, I mean nothing related to my Ph.D. degree. I picked up some books to nourish my brain with non-academic related reading:


I just finished reading Year of No Sugar. I’ve been trying to find ways to cut down my sugar intake and it is so.very.difficult! So when I randomly came across this memoir at Barnes & Noble I couldn’t help but purchase it! I feel more motivated to try my best to eliminate as much added sugars as possible.

img_6570Although this next book isn’t in the picture, I started reading it today and I’m already quite a few pages in!

I picked it up at one of the bookstores in the airport and decided that if I’m going to read about reducing sugar and I want to make certain health-related changes, then a book about habit seems to fit right in. Right? I can see myself finishing this book soon because it’s quite interesting. I’m thinking I may do a post about it once I’m finished and have absorbed all the good information.

I look forward to reading, taking lots of naps, and enjoying family time during this break. I also look forward to starting the new year off feeling refreshed and refocused!

For my student readers, what are your plans for the holiday?

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”
― Alan Cohen


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