The Transition Phase

The defense is over, all documents were submitted to the Graduate School, and I’m now in this transition phase which is slightly weird and mostly enjoyable. I’m enjoying this redefined sense of freedom and personal development. Work is still enjoyable and I’m using this transition time to do more of the things I love. Isn’t that fantastic? Yes!

I’ve been reading a lot these days and my friends and I have been sharing our books with each other. It’s such fun! Although we can’t get away from talking about school related stuff still (as we are still connected to our department in different ways), we now enjoy more conversations about our future, good novels, fun facts or weird stories we found online, exploring food options, and playing games. Although we made time for our self-care during our time in the program, we enjoy having more time to relax and take things slower without fixed deadlines.


So I recently found this book at Barnes and Noble. It was actually on sale. I enjoyed this book so much and put several post-it notes on pages with information that I want to easily access. If you’ve never heard about this experiment and you are interested in learning more about self-control and how we make choices –! While reading this book, I thought about another book I read a few months ago on how we form, repeat, and break habits. Anyway, back to this book. One of the very fun things I discovered while reading it is that Dr. Mischel did some of his research in my home country: how amazing! This book also got me thinking about possible research ideas and also about my own self-control skills.

During this transition phase, I’ve also been re-evaluating my wellness routine and tryingIMG_8441 to listen to my body and do what is best. I’ve had a lot of health issues come up lately, however, I am not going to get discouraged. I’m using this transition time to find new, healthy, and vegetarian-friendly foods and recipes. Of course, I also use Pinterest a lot for ideas 🙂 who doesn’t? I’m exploring a lot with different types of fruit smoothies and have been going to the local raw bar more often for fresh juices and smoothie bowls. My goal isn’t to shed pounds but instead, I want to be physically healthier. However, since March I lost a few pounds and I am starting to feel the difference. Yay me!

This transition time seems like an opportunity to do a lot of re-evaluation, reflection, and planning, and that’s what I will do! The next journey I take will have a transition of its own and I’m looking forward to it.  Another transition I will make soon is related to this blog: I will no longer be a doctoral student, but this islander’s journey will definitely continue!

How do you deal with transitions? Do you use that time to reflect?

“Transition isn’t pretty, but stagnation is hideous.”
― Nikki Rowe

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