Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision

diss 2I’ve mentioned my dissertation study here a few times and want to share a little bit about it with you. These three books pretty much sum up my dissertation: wellness, single case research design, and clinical supervision.

For this study, I evaluated the efficacy of a specific model of clinical supervision (Wellness Model of Supervision) to observe for change across three variables (secondary traumatic stress, burnout, and compassion satisfaction) with counselors-in-training.  The quick and dirty results: this model of supervision works best when it begins at the right time depending on individual student needs. One of the beautiful things about this model is that it can be tailored to meet your student’s/supervisees unique characteristics. It entails education about wellness, assessing wellness,  planning to improve/increase wellness, and evaluating the interventions within the plan to determine if there is improvement/change.

diss 1I enjoyed quite a few things about this study: I loved working with my participants. They were such awesome, beautiful, unique women who taught me more life lessons than they know. I also really enjoyed my research design: Single Case Research Design (SCRD). I can tell you SO much about this design and probably will in the future. But for now, it’s a great design that clinicians, those working in schools, community settings, private practice, and basically anywhere can use to learn more about what works for whom and how change happens. You can see what happens before your intervention, after you completed the intervention, and what happened in-between. Therefore, you can understand and explain high and low points in your data as you closely monitor your participants weekly.

I recently submitted a manuscript about my research to a journal for publication consideration. Once it is published, I will be sharing more details. This is all very exciting!

“What we find changes who we become.”
― Peter Morville


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