Turning Things Over With New Experiences

cropped-image3.jpgI have good memories of when I decided to start this blog. I was on vacation in my home country, sitting on my bed early one morning with the window open, thinking about the great risk I took by starting a Ph.D. program. I remember thinking that I needed something else to focus on, something to take me away from the responsibilities of reading, research, and assignments. That was when I turned on my iPad and began typing. Although I didn’t post as often as I thought I would, I did post as often as I needed to. This blog has been refreshing and fun for me as a doctoral student and now that I begin a new chapter, this blog will transition into something a little different.

I debated having a brand new blog, starting over from scratch and building up my image as a blogger, again. However, for me, I think this blog will be more meaningful if I continue building on what I originally started. After all, isn’t that what a journey is about? It’s about taking steps towards a goal or destination, and once we get there, discovering where we need to go or what we need to do next. That’s exactly what I am doing! What I do in the future is strongly connected to my past.

So from here on, my blog posts will be about my journey balancing the roles of teaching, research, and service on campus and in the community, and also about my personal and professional development. I will also share tips, skills, and life lessons I learn along the way.

I am excited to take this next step and look forward to having you on this mindful journey with me!


“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”
― Germany Kent

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