Holiday Reflections

Every day is a gift. But some days are packaged better.” 
[Sanhita Baruah]

The holidays were different this year for most of us and I am thankful even in the midst of challenges. I have been in deep reflection and contemplation over the past few days and reminded myself of a few things that fill me with gratitude:

  • peaceful walks in nature
  • pup snuggles
  • my family
  • good health
  • a job
  • meaningful connections with friends
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • chocolate (and all other good snacks that got me through this year)
  • laughter
  • journaling
  • quiet time for reflection
  • watching my hair grow over the past few months
  • green plants in my home
  • hot coffee and hot chocolate
  • homemade bread
  • moments of self-compassion and self-love

What about you? Have you taken a moment to think about the things, people, and experiences that fill you with gratitude?

If you want to take a moment of reflection, check out this journal I made with seven reflection prompts and affirmations.

In the new year, I will be releasing a monthly newsletter with a pdf journal. The journal will include reflections, affirmations, and journaling prompts centered around a specific theme. I will share content about mindfulness, gratitude, wellbeing, and guided meditations in blog posts. Join my email list to get your monthly newsletter! The first one goes out on 1/1/2021.

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This week, I will continue to focus on gratitude and will remind myself to stay in the present moment. I hope you will join me.

With deep gratitude,


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