How I Practice Mindfulness and Compassion When it’s Snowing

Recently I watched the snow fall and as usual, I looked out of the window and enjoyed seeing the flakes fall. Usually, when it’s snowing I like to bake or cook or just curl up to watch movies. However, this time, I intentionally paused to truly observe and notice the snow. Then I thought about how I can use that moment to practice gratitude and compassion and it turned out to be a deeply reflective process.

If you live where it snows a lot, it’s easy to just know that it’s snowing and not give it another thought (except if you need to drive and you try to figure out how to avoid getting in a ditch?). Even when we are so “used” to something we can still pause to find something new about the experience (in this case, the snowfall). Here’s how I practiced mindfulness during the snowfall:

  • I stopped what I was doing so I can only focus on the snow. When other distracting thoughts came up, I acknowledged them and then refocused on the snow
  • I observed how it was falling and how the flakes circled around before they landed. The flakes seemed to be directed by the wind
  • I noticed where the snow fell and which surfaces outside were covered

Here’s how I practiced compassion during the snowfall:

  • I thought about how fortunate I was to be in a warm home and did not have to worry about being outside and cold – I then extended love and compassion to those who were not sharing this same experience
  • I thought about those who may have had a traumatic experience when it snowed and how snowfall might be triggering for some – I then extended love and compassion to those who may be hurting at that time
  • I thought about those who were on the road and may be anxious about driving in the snow – I then extended love and compassion and wished them safe travels

I’m sure this took me about 5 minutes and I felt such a shift in my perspective after this intentional mindful practice. I thought about how easy it is to take things for granted and how meaningful it was to just pause and find a deeper meaning to something as simple as the snow fall.

What are some things that happen around you that you may take for granted because you’re so used to it?

Think about one activity you can do this week with a more mindful approach (eg., washing the dishes, laundry, making your bed, etc). Notice what this is like for you and what comes up.

Share what you noticed with one other person and pass on the good energy.

With deep gratitude,


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