What My Dog Teaches Me About Mindfulness

Summer vibes

My dog is one of the best teachers I have in my life, and maybe one day I’ll write a post about how she came into my life. She reminds me to slow down, to be observant, and to walk through life each day with a beginner’s mind (seeing things as if it were the first time). Whenever we go out for a walk, she stops to sniff at the same plants each time. If we happen to pass the same way twice, she stops to sniff around the same places each time. I’ll admit sometimes I ask her if she can keep it moving along (especially on the cold days or when it’s raining…and she pays no attention to me. why do I even try?), and then I soften and give in to her experience.

She’s a very joyful, loving, and playful girl and her energy makes me smile each day. I believe we have a good bond and she knows when I need extra snuggles (and I always know when she wants extra treats!) There are so many lessons I’ve learned in the time she’s been in my life, especially lessons around mindfulness. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned and quite honestly, I keep learning the same lessons on rotation 🙂

  • take a moment to pause to see if there’s anything new going on even when you repeat the same behaviors or activities
  • be aware of your surroundings and notice what is around you
  • never be in too much of a hurry to take a moment for yourself
  • even when the behaviors are repetitive, you can have a different perspective each time
  • take the time to carefully and intentionally engage with things and people
  • stay in the present moment with each activity. resist the urge to rush to the next thing
  • be curious about life but not too curious that you get lost in the future or stuck in the past
  • enjoy each moment as it shows up – each moment is unique and will not be repeated once it is gone. every second counts

If you have pets, what lessons have you learned from them?

When or where do you learn the most about living a mindful life?

How can you be curious about life with a beginner’s mind this week?

With deep gratitude,


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