Four Ways to Find a Moment of Pause Throughout The Day

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The start of a new week can be hectic for some persons – there are lots of family obligations, meetings, appointments, work responsibilities, and community obligations. For others the start of a new week might be slow and then things pick up around mid-week. No matter your situation, this may be a good moment to take a deep breath.


Whether you’re working from home, at the office, or in the community, it’s important to find moments in the day to pause for your mental health. Taking a moment to pause can help you to feel refreshed, to feel a bit more calm, and gives your brain a little break from the routine.

Here are 4 suggestions to find moments of pause throughout your day:

Set a timer for every hour to take a break: If every hour doesn’t seem practical given the nature of your work, you can determine how often you set the alarm. The goal is to pause whatever you are doing when the alarm goes off and give your mind, eyes, and body a few mins of rest. You can close your eyes at your desk, pop in your headphones and listen to your favorite song, or it may be your timer to eat lunch!

Eat lunch in a different spot from your laptop or work computer: If possible, eat lunch away from your computer. There are a few ways you can do this. If you can’t leave your desk, you can turn off the computer screen (or lock the computer) while you eat. That way you are not distracted by emails or other activities on the computer. You can shift your chair to another spot to eat, or take your lunch outside. The goal here is to be present with your lunch and savor the meal without distractions.

Enjoy a quiet drive/ride home after work: For some people, the drive or ride home from the office is the only time to be alone. Try driving with the radio off or if traveling in public transportation, leave the headphones in your bag and just listen to the sounds around you. During the ride or drive home, you can process your day or just enjoy the silence.

Take a short walk and observe what is around you: Take a short walk around your office (indoors or outdoors), or around your neighborhood as a quick retreat from work. On the walk, notice what colors, sights, and sounds you encounter. Here are 5 ways you can be mindful when taking a walk.

What are some other ways you might be able to find moments of pause throughout your day?

~ Karisse

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