Three Ways to Practice Mindfulness When you Eat

homemade blueberry doughnuts

I believe that part of our well-being and self-care practices should be to pay close attention to our needs, that includes our physical needs. One way that I have been doing this is by listening and noticing how my body responds (and in some cases reacts) to certain foods. Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating to figure out what to eat and quite frankly, most times it seems like a full time job to do meal prep! Can you identify with this? 

When I feel frustration around meal prep, I tend to let it slide and order take-out. While it may be good in the moment (and very convenient), my body doesn’t always agree. 

Okay, point well taken. Instead of leaning into the frustration of what to eat, I focus on what messages my body might be trying to tell me about what I eat. I started turning this into a self-love project by being a bit more intentional about what I eat and how my body may respond. I am not making judgments about whether the food is good or not, instead, I focus on whether it feels right for my body at that time. To do this, it’s helpful to slow down and really focus on what I am eating (mindful eating). I pay attention to:
– the texture of the food
– the taste of the food
– the colors on the plate/in the bowl/on the napkin
– the way my stomach digests the food
– extending gratitude for being able to enjoy the meal

fruit plate for breakfast

So, no matter what you eat next, consider these 3 mindful practices while eating:

– before you eat, take a moment to observe what you are about to eat and practice gratitude in the moment
– visualize how the food will provide nourishment, comfort, or happiness as you eat
– make a note of your favorite foods and highlight the ones that you especially enjoy so you can make those meals as part of your self-care

How do you practice mindfulness while eating? What do you observe about yourself while you eat? I’d love to hear about your mindful eating practices!

~ Karisse C

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