Try This Morning Walk Practice

“feet on the ground, eyes to the sky” | Libby DeLana

I recently came across Libby DeLana on Instagram and I was so drawn into her words, pictures and story, so I bought her book, Do Walk: Navigate Earth Mind and Body. Step by Step.

I usually take a walk every morning with my dog, however after reading Libby’s book my morning walks have been more meaningful. While I usually listen to a podcast or practice mindfulness on my walks, I now find myself paying even closer attention to my surroundings. I’ve also started thinking of two words to reflect on during my walk. For example, I may decide to focus on rest and nurture, so during my walk, I would think about what these words mean to me and how I can fully embrace those words just for that day. Sometimes, the words come to me on my walk and those are really precious moments.

Next time you are out on your morning (or evening) walk, try this practice:

  • Set an intention to walk with natural curiosity and pay close attention to your surroundings.
  • Notice how you feel in your body as you walk
  • Approach the walk with a beginner’s mind. Remind yourself that this is the first time you are encountering this walk – you have never done this walk, on this day, and this time before
  • Notice what naturally arises for you as you walk: thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations

Here are some quotes from Libby’s book that I will hold on to:

Even if many of the variables are the same, each walk is wildly and beautifully different. Every walk brings a new story, a new lesson, a new view and an opportunity to understand the world in a unique way.”

A good reminder: feet on the ground, eyes to the sky.”

On your walk, remember to relax and tap into all of your senses.”

It is only when we are well rested, clear headed and open to what is coming next that our life becomes a true reflection of what we want it to be. Walking is the perfect way to get there, by exploring the world and allowing space for dreaming bigger.”

Tell me about your morning walks – I’d love to hear about what it’s like when you step out for a walk. Send me a note by email or on Instagram!

~ Karisse C

3 thoughts on “Try This Morning Walk Practice

  1. Perfect! It looks like a great book to take a look at with lovely quotes! I love traditional walking meditation and being where I am now. However, I also love walking a labyrinth. I have a small portable one arriving today to have here at home. My larger canvas one is at my studio. When spring comes, we’ll be building the outdoor one.

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