Staying Mindful During the Holidays

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While it’s always a great idea to stay mindful throughout our days, during the holidays we are more likely to experience a change in our normal routines and activities (eg., additional friends & family visiting, change in work or home schedule, or travelling), so it’s probably a nice idea to still stay connected to mindfulness to help you navigate these changes.

Here are a few ways to stay mindful during this holiday season:

Be easy with yourself as you adjust to any change in your normal routine. For some, any changes to a normal routine can cause some anxiety and stress. It may be a good idea to pay attention, in the moment, to how you are responding to the changes in your normal routine and offer yourself some compassion.

If you are alone during the holidays, find healthy ways to cope. For some, it’s not possible to be with family, loved ones, or friends during the holidays (for many reasons). If you are alone (whether by choice or due to other reasons) consider how you might still stay connected with others (eg., zoom game night) and how you can spend your time in ways that will make you happy. It’s okay to acknowledge your feelings during this time. Notice what emotions come up and how these emotions show up in your body. When you notice emotions arising, pause and pay attention to what is happening. Try to name the emotion without any self-judgment.

Consider those who have less resources than you. While it’s a good practice to think about this often, during the holidays it’s helpful to think about those who have less resources (eg., food, warm clothing) and identify a way you might be able to support them. For example, can you make a donation to a local food pantry or community organization? Can you donate to a local coat drive? Can you share a meal with a student or another person who may not be with their loved ones? Or, can you spend 1 minute doing a loving kindness meditation while thinking of those around you who may have less resources? Find what works for you. The goal is to be present and mindful as you reflect on what you have, and to also consider the needs of others.

What are some other ways you might stay mindful during the holidays?

~ Karisse C

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