In a rush to nowhere but anxiety lane

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A few days ago, I woke up later than I wanted and stayed in bed just browsing on my phone. I checked emails adjusted my calendar, then made a few posts on social media, then stayed on for another 30 minutes or so just scrolling social media. Before I knew it, it was 6:30am so I got out of bed to start my day.

I needed to be at work for about 8:45am and had to take my dog to daycare before that. So around 7am it dawned on me that I would have to get things organized quickly so I could get myself ready, pack my lunch, take my dog for a walk, drop her off to daycare, then head to campus, walk to my office to collect a few items, then head to my meeting. Oh…crap.

So, I decided it would be a good idea to not eat breakfast at home and instead, get breakfast either on campus or grab something from Starbucks. After dropping my dog off, I picked up breakfast from a local spot and thought it would be a great idea to eat while I drove to work.

Bad idea.

While trying to eat a breakfast burrito and drive, it reminded me of the days when I would make breakfast sandwiches at home and eat on my drive to work. I had a busy schedule and I was always on the “go.” It wasn’t a good practice, however it seemed convenient. But was the convenience worth it?

I realized that while I thought it was “smart” to eat the breakfast burrito on my drive so I could be on time for my meeting, it just caused me to feel unsettled, disorganized, and uneasy all day. I also felt highly anxious all day. So while I attended the meeting on time, on the inside I really was not okay. So what did I learn?

  • What I do in the morning truly impacts the rest of my day (mood, eating habits, etc.)
  • When I start my day in a rush, it leads to more anxiety and less calm
  • It is essential to prioritize my well-being and one of the ways to do that is to prioritize sitting down to eat breakfast without rushing!
  • When I start my day in a rush, it limits the space I have for ease and focus. When I’m in a rush, I cannot focus so while my tasks may get completed, they aren’t completed as well
  • Rushing does not equal true productivity. For me, it actually equals chaos. A mindful and slower pace helps me to think clearly and prioritize appropriately

Have you found yourself in a rush lately?

What helps you to find ease and focus?

~ Karisse C

6 thoughts on “In a rush to nowhere but anxiety lane

  1. Thanks for this post Karisse. I actually have been finding I need more space and more quiet time. I’ve been honoring that feeling especially with recent losses. There may be tasks undone but I would rather have tasks undone than myself. My husband and I were talking about that last night. I’ve been holding a level of stress that I didn’t realize I even had and as I let go of my office and renew lease, I am seeing it more clearly. I can be a very driven person but now it’s time to be a restful, mindful person. That’s where I am these days.

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    1. I can relate, Deb! Thanks for sharing. I find it so disorienting now to be in a rush. recently when I travelled, I felt completely off-centered going through TSA with them rushing everyone through. I had to sit for a bit to catch myself. We have similar work ethic and I’m pretty driven, however I notice I need a longer “recovery” period. I figured it’s just a part of getting older, but there might be more to it. Here’s to ease this week my friend.


  2. I use to rush everything when I was younger. I’m not old now, mind you, but I have found that a slower pace, a life of intention, is more helpful in my day to day than that life of constantly rushing for this and that. Good post.


    1. so true – slower pace really helps us to be more intentional and maybe being more intentional helps us to slow down too. Thanks for stopping by.


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