Lessons from a morning walk practice

A few weeks ago, I shared about a morning walk practice I started after reading an amazing book, Do/Walk by Libby DeLana. I always enjoy my morning walks and since reading Libby’s book, it’s become more of a grounding practice for me. I contemplate on life, sometimes I say a prayer or practice a walking meditation, and I try to be very aware and observant of my surroundings – I try to stay in the present moment and notice what it feels like to just walk with my dog.

It always amazes me how many small things I notice on my walks. I don’t always walk for a long distance, and in reality it’s really not about the distance, it’s about the experience. I was pretty excited to follow This Morning Walk on Instagram and joined the Walk to 22 community – you walk every day from December 01 (2021) no matter the distance. It was so fun to take pictures on my walks and share it with this online community. I took pictures until Christmas eve, then reduced my social media time for the rest of the year.

I learned a few important lessons on my morning walks that I want to share with you. If you don’t have a morning walk (or any walking practice) I encourage you to consider it. Let me know if you want to know more about my experiences or need an accountability buddy!

  • I am less focused on stressful thoughts when I walk because I am intentional about tuning in to the experience of walking and noticing what is around me. It really is an incredible feeling to be all in with an experience.
  • When I’m walking I have an opportunity to be with my body and to really pay close attention to how I feel with each step
  • Walking is a great way to practice mindfulness!
  • It’s so easy to judge ourselves for not doing enough. When I walk, I know that no matter how many steps I take, those steps will always be enough for me in that moment
  • Walking alone (well…with my pup) gives me an opportunity to mentally process while engaging in this moving meditation. I sometimes replay the previous day or think of how I will take care of myself that day.
  • Walking is in itself a natural form of therapy. I feel mentally and emotionally better when I take a walk (not only the morning walks). I realize now that walking is a way I self-soothe and the movement helps to lower anxiety
  • I allowed myself to go out of my comfort zones when I walked. I tried new routes and explored my neighborhood more. It was a great way to feel more connected to my neighborhood

The next time you go for a walk (even if it’s from the garage to your front door), allow yourself to just be in the moment, as it is.

~ Karisse C

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