Feeling Stuck? You Can Always Try Again

The truth is, I have not attended a yoga class in almost 3 months. At first I felt guilty of this. A couple weeks ago, I sent my teacher a message to be sure she knew I still existed (she was not even worried because she understands life) and it was my way of saying to myself “you’re okay, right?”

There are several reasons why I haven’t attended class in almost 3 months and I have been mostly doing restorative yoga at home. My mind and body haven’t really been up for my usual practice and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hard core judging myself. However, during my message exchange with my teacher, she reminded me that this is part of the practice too and I reminded myself that there are 8 limbs of yoga – this is the Ashtanga practice. After that conversation with my teacher, I felt better about gradually getting back on to the mat for my usual practice. Even though my body feels different and I may feel like a beginner again, I know that with time and practice, I will make progress again. The great thing about this yoga practice is that I can always start again, and in reality, sometimes it’s just about pressing pause and then pressing play.

As I work through various things in life, I am comforted in knowing that anytime I feel stuck, I can always start again and my practice will always be there and adjusting as needed to fit my circumstances.

How can you be patient with yourself this week if you need to start again?

~ Karisse C

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