Slowing Down Is Hard and Necessary

It seems like I’m always having this conversation with myself so I figured I’d “say it out loud” here too – slowing down is necessary. It’s easy to ignore or pay less attention to our feelings and thoughts when we keep ourselves busy. Let’s be real – facing these emotions and thoughts can be scary, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.

No one said personal growth was easy, right?

I’m in an interesting phase of life where insecurities, fear, and doubt seem to be rising to the surface more than usual. I find it easier to just be “busy” and keep myself occupied or focused on others because that seems less messy. I know what happens when I slow down and it’s not cute. However, I’m seeing the effects of constantly “going” and although slowing down is hard, it is necessary.

I’ll tell you a secret: slowing down does not mean only sitting in silence. Slowing down can mean giving your body and mind a chance to rest, pause, and restore.

Here are a few ways I have been slowing down:

  • taking a break to go for a walk with my dog
  • talking with loved ones
  • making a hot cup of tea and drinking it without distraction
  • yoga practice (even if it’s for 5 minutes)
  • cooking/experimenting with a new recipe
  • watching an episode or two on Netflix or Hulu (okay…okay….3 or 4 episodes)
  • playing with my dog
  • dance parties in the kitchen
  • reading
  • guided meditations
  • therapy
  • naps, naps, and more naps
  • saying no to things that don’t feel aligned with my values
  • journaling

How have you been slowing down recently? Do you need to slow down this week?

~ Karisse C

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