A Mindful Approach to Monday Morning

Photo by Ethan Sees on Pexels.com

Most of us look forward to the weekend and often have a sense of “I don’t want the weekend to end” on a Sunday night. While Monday may be the start of new opportunities, new plans, and new goals, sometimes facing Monday mornings can be a challenge.

How come?

Monday is the beginning of the work week for most people. You dread opening emails and the never-ending list of things to do/accomplish during the week. Often, the way we approach Monday mornings may set the tone for the week. If you have a hard time practicing acceptance of all that Monday brings, here are a few mindfulness based suggestions (and it’s a note to self!):

  • journal what comes up for you when you think about Monday morning. As you write, notice how you feel in the moment and how you respond or react to your thoughts and feelings about Mondays
  • have an affirmation that is specific to Mondays – as you recite your affirmation, stay grounded in the moment and tune in to your body and breathing
  • create a guided meditation to start your week. As you listen to this meditation, bring awareness to your breathing and to your thoughts. Notice what comes up and release any limiting beliefs about your week
  • find at least one activity that brings you joy and engage in that activity on Mondays to set a fun and pleasant tone to your day. While you engage in the activity, avoid any distractions and be fully present.
  • find a positive reframe to Mondays!

See if you can bring a change to your Monday vibe!


*originally published on 2/28/21

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