Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision

I’ve mentioned my dissertation study here a few times and want to share a little bit about it with you. These three books pretty much sum up my dissertation: wellness, single case research design, and clinical supervision. For this study, I evaluated the efficacy of a specific model of clinical supervision (Wellness Model of Supervision) toContinue reading “Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision”

The Transition Phase

The defense is over, all documents were submitted to the Graduate School, and I’m now in this transition phase which is slightly weird and mostly enjoyable. I’m enjoying this redefined sense of freedom and personal development. Work is still enjoyable and I’m using this transition time to do more of the things I love. Isn’tContinue reading “The Transition Phase”

Tips for a Successful Dissertation Defense

Starting a doctoral program is fun, completing a dissertation can be stressful, and when it finally comes down to the defense, it can be an overwhelming experience for some! For others, the process is relatively smooth with the expected anxiety and stress that can come from completing any major project. Wherever you lie on thatContinue reading “Tips for a Successful Dissertation Defense”

Whirlwind Wrap Up

The semester has ended! YAY! I made it out alive, in my right mind, with a few more gray hairs, and few extra pounds. But that’s okay. It really is: I made it! I completed two classes, weekly activity for my dissertation, weekly supervision for my dissertation, three conferences, co-teaching, grading, administrative duties, and fiveContinue reading “Whirlwind Wrap Up”