Seeing the good in anxiety

A few weeks ago, I noticed my anxiety levels increased as I mentally prepared for an event. I had many “what if” anxious thoughts and found it difficult to self-soothe or believe that things will be okay. I struggled with being okay with the things I could not change and tried to remind myself ofContinue reading “Seeing the good in anxiety”

My dog, her toys, and mindful lessons

A while back I wrote about what my dog teaches me about mindfulness and she is still a very good teacher. She still takes her time to sniff every leaf and go around every tree to sniff even if we walk the same path three times a day! She definitely understands what it means toContinue reading “My dog, her toys, and mindful lessons”

Seeing yourself when you are unseen by others

I recently wrapped up an incredible week at a summer research institute. It was transformative and inspiring and it also brought up a LOT of unsettling thoughts and emotions. The theme for the week-long institute was “othering, belonging, and becoming” and right now, I think that topic is more relevant than ever before.

Sometimes easier is not necessarily better

We had a few days with bad storms and I hate storms. It’s not the rain or wind that’s scary, it’s the lightening. Growing up in the Caribbean, I never liked the thunder and lightening and would always cover my head to drown out the sounds. When I moved to the US, I still hadContinue reading “Sometimes easier is not necessarily better”

Welcoming guests to your human home

Recently I participated in a program where each day we were guided through a morning practice by Lama Willa Blythe Baker . One day, she shared this beautiful excerpt of a poem by Rumi. I had heard it before, however, listening to her say these words while in deep contemplation was deeply moving and powerful.Continue reading “Welcoming guests to your human home”