Red and Green Flags: Identifying Danger and Safety

It’s so important to be vigilant of your surroundings and to pay attention to how you and your body respond (or react) to certain spaces, people, or actions. You may not realize it, but your body usually sends signals to let you know how it is perceiving the environment or interactions with others. For example,Continue reading “Red and Green Flags: Identifying Danger and Safety”

5 Ways to be Mindful When Taking a Walk

The weather is warming up (at least in most places?) and it’s a great time to get outdoors to enjoy nature and fresh air (wearing masks when needed). I enjoy this spring transition time as I am reminded of new beginnings and appreciate the energy around a fresh start. As I took a long walkContinue reading “5 Ways to be Mindful When Taking a Walk”

Three Things to Consider When You Set Boundaries

I have this strong belief that boundaries are very important in life. Boundaries act as a safety net and protect us in several ways.  We can set boundaries that are healthy and will enhance our self-care. Setting boundaries may mean that a relationship comes to an end or we limit interactions with persons that have beenContinue reading “Three Things to Consider When You Set Boundaries”

What My Dog Teaches Me About Mindfulness

My dog is one of the best teachers I have in my life, and maybe one day I’ll write a post about how she came into my life. She reminds me to slow down, to be observant, and to walk through life each day with a beginner’s mind (seeing things as if it were theContinue reading “What My Dog Teaches Me About Mindfulness”