Life After Comps

At the beginning of this year, I had a plan for preparing for my doctoral comprehensive exam: I was going to study on weekends (mostly by myself but also with a couple of friends), avoid Facebook (because it was more of a distraction than anything else), and most important: not get overwhelmed and stressed out.Continue reading “Life After Comps”

Giving Yourself Permission

As graduate students we set the bar pretty high for ourselves. We engage in projects, have part time jobs, full-time jobs, families, research projects and too many deadlines to count. Things can get pretty hectic and we may feel guilty about that one hour we spent just lying around staring into space doing absolutely nothing.Continue reading “Giving Yourself Permission”

Planning and Organizing

There are so many assignments to complete and lots of activities to engage in while at grad school.  It’s not difficult to forget an appointment or even an assignment, and that can really set us back. Having some organizational skills is important and one way to demonstrate this skill is by keeping a schedule ofContinue reading “Planning and Organizing”