Study Tips: Comprehensive Exam

I know that every comprehensive examination at the doctoral level is different, so this blog post is from the perspective of my personal experience. Take what you need from it (tips that will be helpful for you) and feel free to leave the rest right here on my blog 🙂 I recently wrote a littleContinue reading “Study Tips: Comprehensive Exam”

What Is Meant To Be

Since I received five rejection letters, I just about forgot about the sixth school I applied to.  It was as if it never existed and I was already pulling myself out of my emotional sinkhole and didn’t feel like reintroducing the blah feelings again.  So I did the next best thing-avoided. Life was good. IContinue reading “What Is Meant To Be”

Have Faith, Don’t Give Up

After submitting applications to six universities, I patiently awaited communication from them.  I was hopeful for at least an interview! The weeks felt like years and during this waiting time I struggled with a lot of negative thinking and self defeating thoughts which significantly impacted my anxiety, “what if I don’t get in?” Sometimes weContinue reading “Have Faith, Don’t Give Up”