Whirlwind Wrap Up

The semester has ended! YAY! I made it out alive, in my right mind, with a few more gray hairs, and few extra pounds. But that’s okay. It really is: I made it! I completed two classes, weekly activity for my dissertation, weekly supervision for my dissertation, three conferences, co-teaching, grading, administrative duties, and fiveContinue reading “Whirlwind Wrap Up”

Maintaining Balance in a Busy World

There’s no question about it: graduate school is demanding! Sometimes 24 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to work and get rest, and yet we push through our days and nights trying to accomplish all that we can. I talk a lot about balance and self-care because it is such an important topic. It’s aContinue reading “Maintaining Balance in a Busy World”

Having a Routine

The summer session is in full swing and it’s very busy already. I was extra tired at the end of the day and wondered what was happening to my body. I figured it was an adjustment getting back into classes and having extra responsibilities. Then I realized I was completely off my sleep schedule andContinue reading “Having a Routine”

Self Care Practice

Year 2 is coming to an end pretty soon. Yikes! It’s been such an emotional journey and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. Recently, I attended the graduation ceremony of my mentor/friend (he probably doesn’t know he’s my mentor, but he gave me so much support and direction, was always available whenContinue reading “Self Care Practice”