3 Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

Usually around this time of year we focus on gratitude and making gratitude lists in preparation for Thanksgiving. What if we adopted gratitude as a way of life instead of an occasional effort? One of my favorite books about gratefulness is Kristi Nelson‘s book, Wake Up Grateful. According to Kristi, gratefulness does not only occurContinue reading “3 Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day”

Four Ways to Meet Your Needs

I read Dr Rick Hanson’s book, Resilient, a few months ago and I occasionally browse it for personal motivation. Recently I found myself drawing more from his book especially during stressful times. According to Dr. Hanson, we have three basic needs (safety, satisfaction, connection) and we meet these needs in 4 ways (which I’ll callContinue reading “Four Ways to Meet Your Needs”

Self Care Ideas When Life Seems Busy

It’s been a pretty busy summer and I have been paying close attention to my self-care needs as often as I can. One thing I notice is that self-care does not have to be a big event or expensive! Recently I wrote about ways to show up for yourself each day and practicing self-care isContinue reading “Self Care Ideas When Life Seems Busy”

How I Practice Mindfulness and Compassion When it’s Snowing

Recently I watched the snow fall and as usual, I looked out of the window and enjoyed seeing the flakes fall. Usually, when it’s snowing I like to bake or cook or just curl up to watch movies. However, this time, I intentionally paused to truly observe and notice the snow. Then I thought aboutContinue reading “How I Practice Mindfulness and Compassion When it’s Snowing”

Holiday Reflections

“Every day is a gift. But some days are packaged better.” [Sanhita Baruah] The holidays were different this year for most of us and I am thankful even in the midst of challenges. I have been in deep reflection and contemplation over the past few days and reminded myself of a few things that fill meContinue reading “Holiday Reflections”