Build Your Capacity for Stillness

One helpful skill for coping with stress and overwhelm is learning how to be still so you can be attuned to the needs of your body. By tuning in to your physical and emotional needs, you are better able to figure out what you need in order to feel more calm and at peace. DoContinue reading “Build Your Capacity for Stillness”

Looking Ahead to the New Year

Can you believe it? 2021 is almost over and soon we will be ringing in a new year! What are these days like for you? Do you find yourself in a reflective space or are you just pushing through each day? Either way, I hope you find time to consider what you want for yourselfContinue reading “Looking Ahead to the New Year”

What I Learned After Trying One New Thing Each Week for a Month

In the month of July, I decided I would try one new thing each week as a way to practice self care. I also wanted to find ways to enjoy small moments of fun and new experiences. I have been very busy at work and I’ve been paying attention to how my self-care needs changeContinue reading “What I Learned After Trying One New Thing Each Week for a Month”

2 Ways To Release Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs can influence how we see ourselves, our support systems, and our relationships. Sometimes these beliefs are helpful and supportive (e.g., “I know I am loved” or “I believe I am supported”), and other times our beliefs can cause us to avoid others or cause doubt, fear, and anxiety which may lead to limitedContinue reading “2 Ways To Release Limiting Beliefs”

Flow Into the Morning: A Mindful Way to Start Your Day

I believe that what I do when I wake up impacts the rest of my day, so I try to have nourishing and affirming mornings (okay, it doesn’t always happen but when it does it’s great!) Having a morning practice may look quite different based on your needs and responsibilities, so it’s important to thinkContinue reading “Flow Into the Morning: A Mindful Way to Start Your Day”