Staying Mindful During the Holidays

While it’s always a great idea to stay mindful throughout our days, during the holidays we are more likely to experience a change in our normal routines and activities (eg., additional friends & family visiting, change in work or home schedule, or travelling), so it’s probably a nice idea to still stay connected to mindfulnessContinue reading “Staying Mindful During the Holidays”

Three Ways to Practice Mindfulness When you Eat

I believe that part of our well-being and self-care practices should be to pay close attention to our needs, that includes our physical needs. One way that I have been doing this is by listening and noticing how my body responds (and in some cases reacts) to certain foods. Sometimes, it can be quite frustratingContinue reading “Three Ways to Practice Mindfulness When you Eat”

What I Learned After Trying One New Thing Each Week for a Month

In the month of July, I decided I would try one new thing each week as a way to practice self care. I also wanted to find ways to enjoy small moments of fun and new experiences. I have been very busy at work and I’ve been paying attention to how my self-care needs changeContinue reading “What I Learned After Trying One New Thing Each Week for a Month”