Lessons from a morning walk practice

A few weeks ago, I shared about a morning walk practice I started after reading an amazing book, Do/Walk by Libby DeLana. I always enjoy my morning walks and since reading Libby’s book, it’s become more of a grounding practice for me. I contemplate on life, sometimes I say a prayer or practice a walkingContinue reading “Lessons from a morning walk practice”

Try This Morning Walk Practice

I recently came across Libby DeLana on Instagram and I was so drawn into her words, pictures and story, so I bought her book, Do Walk: Navigate Earth Mind and Body. Step by Step. I usually take a walk every morning with my dog, however after reading Libby’s book my morning walks have been moreContinue reading “Try This Morning Walk Practice”

Four Ways to Find a Moment of Pause Throughout The Day

The start of a new week can be hectic for some persons – there are lots of family obligations, meetings, appointments, work responsibilities, and community obligations. For others the start of a new week might be slow and then things pick up around mid-week. No matter your situation, this may be a good moment toContinue reading “Four Ways to Find a Moment of Pause Throughout The Day”