Looking Ahead to the New Year

Can you believe it? 2021 is almost over and soon we will be ringing in a new year! What are these days like for you? Do you find yourself in a reflective space or are you just pushing through each day? Either way, I hope you find time to consider what you want for yourselfContinue reading “Looking Ahead to the New Year”

Staying Mindful During the Holidays

While it’s always a great idea to stay mindful throughout our days, during the holidays we are more likely to experience a change in our normal routines and activities (eg., additional friends & family visiting, change in work or home schedule, or travelling), so it’s probably a nice idea to still stay connected to mindfulnessContinue reading “Staying Mindful During the Holidays”

Breathwork As A Grounding Practice

When I started practicing yoga and meditation I turned to my breath as a guide for connecting with my body. Sometimes it’s not always easy to focus on my breathing and to be honest, sometimes it’s really uncomfortable and it causes some anxiety. In those moments, I recognize what I am experiencing and I justContinue reading “Breathwork As A Grounding Practice”

Try This Morning Walk Practice

I recently came across Libby DeLana on Instagram and I was so drawn into her words, pictures and story, so I bought her book, Do Walk: Navigate Earth Mind and Body. Step by Step. I usually take a walk every morning with my dog, however after reading Libby’s book my morning walks have been moreContinue reading “Try This Morning Walk Practice”

Trusting Yourself: A Guided Practice

Enjoy this short guided practice on trusting yourself. Notice what comes up for you as you engage in this practice and reflect on these journal prompts after: what happens when you trust yourself? when do you trust yourself the most? what do you need to trust yourself more? ~ Karisse C