There’s A Plan For That!

Raise your hand if you like being organized, writing to-do lists, or sorting things. Yep – me too! My friends make fun of my semi-obsessive way of planning and organizing but to be honest, it helps to keep me focused and it makes me less anxious. Almost everything I do, I have a plan forContinue reading “There’s A Plan For That!”

Having a Routine

The summer session is in full swing and it’s very busy already. I was extra tired at the end of the day and wondered what was happening to my body. I figured it was an adjustment getting back into classes and having extra responsibilities. Then I realized I was completely off my sleep schedule andContinue reading “Having a Routine”

Planning and Organizing

There are so many assignments to complete and lots of activities to engage in while at grad school.  It’s not difficult to forget an appointment or even an assignment, and that can really set us back. Having some organizational skills is important and one way to demonstrate this skill is by keeping a schedule ofContinue reading “Planning and Organizing”

Up Next: Paperwork

I personally dislike filling out paperwork.  I get that it is part of my personal and professional life, but if I can go for a few months without paperwork that would be awesome! However, since filling out the application forms and submitting it was a far cry from the end of paperwork, I had aContinue reading “Up Next: Paperwork”