Turning Things Over With New Experiences

I think this blog will be more meaningful if I continue building on what I originally started. After all, isn’t that what a journey is about? It’s about taking steps towards a goal or destination, and once we get there, discovering where we need to go or what we need to do next.

Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision

I’ve mentioned my dissertation study here a few times and want to share a little bit about it with you. These three books pretty much sum up my dissertation: wellness, single case research design, and clinical supervision. For this study, I evaluated the efficacy of a specific model of clinical supervision (Wellness Model of Supervision) toContinue reading “Professional Quality of Life and Wellness Based Supervision”

Whirlwind Wrap Up

The semester has ended! YAY! I made it out alive, in my right mind, with a few more gray hairs, and few extra pounds. But that’s okay. It really is: I made it! I completed two classes, weekly activity for my dissertation, weekly supervision for my dissertation, three conferences, co-teaching, grading, administrative duties, and fiveContinue reading “Whirlwind Wrap Up”

Study Tips: Comprehensive Exam

I know that every comprehensive examination at the doctoral level is different, so this blog post is from the perspective of my personal experience. Take what you need from it (tips that will be helpful for you) and feel free to leave the rest right here on my blog 🙂 I recently wrote a littleContinue reading “Study Tips: Comprehensive Exam”

Life After Comps

At the beginning of this year, I had a plan for preparing for my doctoral comprehensive exam: I was going to study on weekends (mostly by myself but also with a couple of friends), avoid Facebook (because it was more of a distraction than anything else), and most important: not get overwhelmed and stressed out.Continue reading “Life After Comps”