Sometimes easier is not necessarily better

We had a few days with bad storms and I hate storms. It’s not the rain or wind that’s scary, it’s the lightening. Growing up in the Caribbean, I never liked the thunder and lightening and would always cover my head to drown out the sounds. When I moved to the US, I still hadContinue reading “Sometimes easier is not necessarily better”

Lessons from a morning walk practice

A few weeks ago, I shared about a morning walk practice I started after reading an amazing book, Do/Walk by Libby DeLana. I always enjoy my morning walks and since reading Libby’s book, it’s become more of a grounding practice for me. I contemplate on life, sometimes I say a prayer or practice a walkingContinue reading “Lessons from a morning walk practice”

3 Affirmations to Start Your Day

“I am worthy of good things and trust myself and my abilities” “My heart is full and I am open to abundance” “I am grounded and deeply rooted in trust, faith, and love. I am hopeful and open to new opportunities“ You can also create an affirmation for yourself! Here are some affirmation starters: IContinue reading “3 Affirmations to Start Your Day”

A New Year For Us

“What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” [Mary Oliver] I cannot believe we’re in a new year already! I’m happy for another opportunity to begin again, to see life from a different perspective, and to continue with self-care practices. A few years ago I stopped making new yearContinue reading “A New Year For Us”

Holiday Reflections

“Every day is a gift. But some days are packaged better.” [Sanhita Baruah] The holidays were different this year for most of us and I am thankful even in the midst of challenges. I have been in deep reflection and contemplation over the past few days and reminded myself of a few things that fill meContinue reading “Holiday Reflections”