Let’s Talk About Sleep

I’ve been focusing on the quality of my sleep a lot more these past few weeks and I thought it would be good to re-share some thoughts from a post I wrote in 2018 because I find myself resonating with these words again. A few years ago, I attended a presentation on sleep and whatContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sleep”

Self Care Ideas When Life Seems Busy

It’s been a pretty busy summer and I have been paying close attention to my self-care needs as often as I can. One thing I notice is that self-care does not have to be a big event or expensive! Recently I wrote about ways to show up for yourself each day and practicing self-care isContinue reading “Self Care Ideas When Life Seems Busy”

3 Mindful Practices for a Night Time Routine

I’ve shared a little about creating a morning practice and I thought I’d share a few points about how we end our days. A night time routine can help you to wind down and feel more relaxed and prepared for sleep. One way to help you slow down and really embrace your nighttime routine isContinue reading “3 Mindful Practices for a Night Time Routine”

Let’s Talk About Sleep

I recently attended a presentation on sleep and what lack of sleep does to your body. We got a magazine with information on sleep, a bath bomb, and a lavender roll-on! (jackpot!) It wasn’t the first time I heard this information, and yet I found myself feeling surprised while the presenter shared the information fromContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sleep”