A Mindful Approach to Monday Morning

Most of us look forward to the weekend and often have a sense of “I don’t want the weekend to end” on a Sunday night. While Monday may be the start of new opportunities, new plans, and new goals, sometimes facing Monday mornings can be a challenge. How come? Monday is the beginning of theContinue reading “A Mindful Approach to Monday Morning”

Let’s Talk About Sleep

I’ve been focusing on the quality of my sleep a lot more these past few weeks and I thought it would be good to re-share some thoughts from a post I wrote in 2018 because I find myself resonating with these words again. A few years ago, I attended a presentation on sleep and whatContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sleep”

How Reading Helps Me Take Care of My Mental Health

As a child, I don’t remember getting toys as a gift. If I got a toy it was something educational, so I mostly got clothes and I got books. To be honest, I never thought that anything was wrong with not getting toys. I enjoyed my gifts! One of my aunts would buy books forContinue reading “How Reading Helps Me Take Care of My Mental Health”

Lessons from a morning walk practice

A few weeks ago, I shared about a morning walk practice I started after reading an amazing book, Do/Walk by Libby DeLana. I always enjoy my morning walks and since reading Libby’s book, it’s become more of a grounding practice for me. I contemplate on life, sometimes I say a prayer or practice a walkingContinue reading “Lessons from a morning walk practice”

What Do You Want For Yourself?

Can you believe we are already a few days into the new year? As we move into a new month and a new year, pause for a moment and ask yourself, “what do I want this year to look like for me?” It was a rollercoaster ride in 2021, however, in the middle of theContinue reading “What Do You Want For Yourself?”